What Online Jobs can I do to earn money ?


What Online Jobs can I do to earn money ?

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  1. Sorry, this is a private answer.

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      How does this work ? And why is it a private answer. You don’t want others to see it ?

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    1. U can sign up to some apps where u can earn wen u refer.
  3. Anonymous
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    You can set up a Youtube Channel and create amazing videos for people to watch and you can make a whole lot from there.

    2022-08-17T10:32:35+00:00 August 17, 2022 at 10:32 am

    For me, i’d say what skill set do you have? can you write, sing or make comedy?

    Let’s assume you write. Then you can start a blog and try to monetize it (will take sometime), you can write informational products and sell them (write books on things you are good at), you can write fiction stories for sale on sites where books are sold. You can write and get paid when people read your work. You can sign up as a freelancer and land writing jobs, you can meet a business person you know and offer to write contents for them. Then they’ll pay you if they see results.

    That’s not all. If you like to show your face on camera, then there’s YouTube, Tiktok and others. You can do comedy, teach around any topic you are competent at.

    You can begin to sell products online (drop shipping, importation or even the regular physical products). You can affiliate for people (if you don’t have a product).

    You can do just anything on freelance websites (just check around).

    I think your question should be (and it’s something only you can answer) : WHAT CAN I DO?
    When you identify that, there are tons of opportunity out there on the net. I hope this answers your question. I’m available to throw more lights.

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