Trees can now Transmit electricity?


Please can Trees now Transmit electricity?

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    Physics and Science in the Mud…

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    It is actually true. A little static voltage is obtained from trees and even some leaves that have live. But it cannot be explained.

    2023-07-13T16:26:17+00:00 July 13, 2023 at 4:26 pm

    Yes, trees can transmit electricity. The water in a living tree’s tissues is a good conductor of electricity, allowing it to travel from the branches to the ground. Electricity travels through a tree more easily if the tree is wet. This is why it is dangerous to touch a tree that is in contact with a power line, as the electricity can travel through the tree and into your body.

    In addition to the water in their tissues, trees also contain other materials that can conduct electricity, such as sap and minerals. This means that even if a tree is not wet, it can still conduct electricity if it is in contact with a power line.

    Researchers have also found that trees can generate their own electricity. This is due to a process called photosynthesis, in which the tree converts sunlight into energy. Some of this energy is stored in the tree’s tissues in the form of an electrical potential. This potential can be used to power small electronic devices, such as sensors.

    While trees can transmit electricity, they are not a reliable source of power. The amount of electricity that a tree can generate is very small, and it is not always consistent. Additionally, trees can be damaged by lightning or other weather events, which can disrupt their ability to generate electricity.

    Overall, while trees can transmit electricity, they are not a practical source of power. However, they can be used to power small electronic devices, and they may one day be used to generate electricity on a larger scale.

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