Please why do Muslims kill RAM specifically during Salah


I am concerned and I want to know, Please why do Muslims kill RAM specifically during Sallah…

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Man_Pikin 1 year 2022-07-10T14:28:51+00:00 2022-07-10T14:28:51+00:00 3 Answers 24 views Expert 1

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  1. Jennifer Specialist
    2022-07-10T14:40:53+00:00 July 10, 2022 at 2:40 pm

    That’s a funny but thoughtful question.

    There is nothing really special about why Muslims kill Rams….

    Just like the way Christian kill chicken, goats and cow for Christmas celebration.

    Ram is an animal that is meat to be eaten 😂😂😂

    If there is any implications I don’t know

    2022-08-23T14:13:06+00:00 August 23, 2022 at 2:13 pm

    Well, the killing of Ram or other livestock during Eid simply commemorates the story mentioned in the Quran,where which the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Ismail (Isaac). It basically honors the willingness and devotion of a father and son to partake in the act as demonstration of ultimate obedience to God’s command. But before the prophet could sacrifice his son, he was stopped and Allah provided a ram to sacrifice instead. Hence why we kill Ram or livestock on the day of Eid.

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