Please how do I create my own website easily?


I want to build a website but I want to do it myself… Any advise on how to start and what to do ?

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Mr Mysterious 1 year 2022-07-09T08:07:35+00:00 2022-07-09T08:07:35+00:00 2 Answers 14 views Specialist 0

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  1. Jennifer Specialist
    2022-07-09T08:57:50+00:00 July 9, 2022 at 8:57 am

    Many ways to build a website

    1. Go and learn it first for atleast a month then you can easily build it yourself with the links they will give you.

    2. If you have no knowledge about website building and you still want to build it yourself easily, there are thousand of apps that will guide you on how to open it easily following their steps.

    You see…..very easy not complicated. Just choose any of the choices.

    For option 2, search on internet, you will see many as such.

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