How to built great communication skills as an introvert


Some introverts find it very hard to talk to people, let alone become excellent communicators. What are the steps to take to resolve communication issues for introverts?

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    Those set of persons can be annoying though but I tell you, you could make a talkative out of an introvert..

    First it requires patience, tolerance and determination to change the person.

    Constantly talking to the person and trying to find out what interests him or her.

    When I met my fiance, she was one, it took me 6 months to make her loosen up and for the past one year I have had a very lovely relationship

      2022-10-09T12:22:39+00:00 October 9, 2022 at 12:22 pm
      • I quite agree with your assertion Mr Emmanuel but I don’t think that has helped make her an excellent communicator in general, I think it has only made her an excellent communicator to you as her fiance which is really normal for extroverts, when they stay with you long enough, and get to trust you, they begin to loosen up around you, just speaking from experience..
      • However, for an extrovert to become an excellent communicator, it takes the extrovert, realizing first that he/she is an extroverted person and deciding within himself/herself to want to become an excellent communicator. That’s the first step, and then working towards becoming one through conscious effort and practice to actually become one.
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    2022-10-06T14:57:46+00:00 October 6, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    They are not quite difficult to relate with in my opinion. I think what is needed is lots of patience with them. You might wanna trade deep info’s about yourself with them too, this builds trust between you two, they will get the feeling as time goes on that you really can be trusted. If they start trusting you, they start talking to you.

    You also have to always be available for them to talk to incase they want to. Be careful not to push your luck to much otherwise they go back into their shell.

    They are like babies. Learn them and understand them.

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