How do you approach a woman that hates men with Passion?


Pls help me…How do you approach a woman that hates men with Passion?

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    The best way to approach her is with patience and an open mind because most likely, she hates men due to her experience with men..

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    1. Don’t pretend, just be yourself.
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    1. Genuinely appreciate her


    ladies are given the gift of seeing through a trailer-load of bullshit. This is why if you want to walk down the aisle of appreciation, you have to be genuine about it.

    When you appreciate a lady for doing something for you, you prime her to be more favorably disposed toward you. She would want to do more.


    2. Look good

    You may have heard before that you are addressed the way you dress. However, you may not have heard how seriously ladies take these words.


    One of the ways to win a woman’s heart is to pay attention to what you look like. Interestingly, you do not have to break the bank or be a fashion icon. Just ensure that you are decent enough and you look like a guy she would want to be seen in public with.


    3. Oh, and smell good


    On your way to figuring out how to win a woman’s heart, ensure you smell good as well. One of the biggest turnoffs for women is when they get close to a guy they are into, only to discover that he smells terrible.


    4. Give her your attention


    Now this is a double-edged sword because you don’t want to smother a girl with affection and attention when that isn’t her primary love language. However, it is still safe to say that you need to give her attention if you want her to fall head over heels for you.


    When giving attention, it is important to note that she (most likely) wants someone to listen to her, not someone who would always interject with stories of how awesome he is.





    5. As a rule of thumb, never double text her


    Nothing screams clingy like shooting a couple of texts to a girl in quick succession without hearing from her as well. To get a lady to fall for you, ensure that you aren’t giving off the vibes that you are too clingy.


    6. Make her feel special


    When you learn how to make a girl feel special, you are already halfway close to making her fall for you. Then again, you may not need to be the richest person on earth to make a lady feel special.





    Anything you can do for her that she would interpret as thoughtful, kind, and sweet qualifies to fall under this category.





    For example, help her pick up some groceries the next time you go to the grocery store. Has she had a stressful day at work? Drive over to her place with a platter full of her favorite dishes.


    7. Treat her like an equal


    As the world keeps evolving into the gender equality age, it is important to be reminded that today’s ladies do not always want to be seen as the damsels in distress who always need knights in shining armor to fly to the rescue every single time.


    8. Touch her at the points that matter


    Physical touch is an important part of every relationship that thrives. Research has proven that strategic touch promotes affection in adult romantic relationships. To get a girl to fall for you, learn how, when, and where to touch her.





    Touch could be casually tucking some strands of her hair behind her ear when you’re in a deep conversation or placing your palm on the small of her back when the situation is right).





    Then again, physical touch doesn’t always have to be ‘sexual.’





    9. Stay top of mind


    If she caught your attention, there’s every possibility that she caught the attention of some other people at the same time. One simple way to make her fall for you is by ensuring that you stay top of mind.





    To achieve this, reach out to her every once in a while. You can achieve this by sending her the occasional message, dropping her chats on social media, or even calling her. However, ensure that you aren’t too pushy when you do this.


    10. Be confident


    While it may be ‘cute’ to stutter out your words the first time you walk up to her for a conversation, you may want to make sure that you start communicating confidence as time goes on. Everyone loves a confident person, especially women.


    Just ensure that whatever you’re communicating to her isn’t misinterpreted as cockiness.


    11. Remember to respect others when you are with her


    It is easy to put up being respectful when you are trying to win a girl over. However, if she catches you treating others like filth, she may start getting repulsed and may even think of you as being a hypocrite.





    Respect should be a universal thing for you.





    12. Give her relevant gifts


    To achieve this, you must know the things she likes. When you know the things she likes, you can give her gifts she would think of as relevant. For example, she may not be thrilled if you give her a bunch of flowers when she would have preferred a new pair of work shoes.


    13. Ask her to do things for you


    If you are already getting closer to her, this may be a good step to take. One key to a woman’s heart is by making her feel like she is important to you. This is one of the things you achieve when you ask her to do things for you. If you are going down this route, ensure that you ask for things within her power. Then again, see that you don’t make a habit of being on the receiving end because this can be a huge turn-off to women at the same time.


    14. Get hands-on. Make her a gift


    There’s a difference between gifts that you buy and the ones you make. Although the ones you make may not be as perfect as those you can get in the market, they send the impression that you think she is worth that time and effort. That’s what you want her to believe, right?


    15. Send her handwritten letters


    This is still in line with the last point. While you can easily pick up your phone and send her a voice note on social media, handwritten letters have a way of sending your messages home easily, especially if you have beautiful handwriting.

    Take this opportunity to tell her about your feelings and encourage her to write you back as well.


    16. Give her a memorable time as much as possible


    Something as small as taking her to her favorite spot, taking her to eat at her favorite restaurant, or even getting her a memorable gift every once in a while can be instrumental toward making her fall in love with you.





    17. Ask her thoughts on the important matter in your life and take her advice


    Women love to feel that their opinions matter, and this is the impression you give when you ask for her advice. Try it out. Before firing that annoying staff or moving into a new apartment, talk to her about it and watch her light up.





    18. Have a great sense of humor


    This shows her that you have taught yourself how to have fun. While it is essential to be serious and goal-oriented, women also want to be with someone who understands the value of having fun and wouldn’t be bored when they finally commit to a relationship.


    19. Take her to your favorite places


    On your way to figuring out how to win a woman’s heart, opening her up to the things that matter to you would be a great option. So, you may want to consider taking her on a date at your favorite restaurant or even making her your favorite meal.


    20. Come clean to her


    Women appreciate when they are with people who can be honest with them. This also includes being honest about your feelings. Do you love her ? Would you like to be in a relationship with her?


    Choose the perfect time to have an honest conversation and let her in on what’s going on in your mind. This way, she can give you her answer, after which both of you can move in the most profitable direction








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