How can I determine If my African career coach is useful?


I’m attempting to determine or alter my job path. Although it’s a comfortable job, I want something that makes me want to work every morning. For many reasons, changing careers might be challenging. In order to discover the best match, I must be more methodical and not just try out a bunch of various occupations.

know the broad direction I want to travel in. But I believe that a lot of my choices have been influenced by other people’s expectations or peer pressure. In order to progress toward a job that depends more on my talents and intrinsic (unconscious) drivers, I’m seeking for someone who can give me an unbiased assessment of my strengths and shortcomings.

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    Think about where you see yourself in 5 years time. Based on that, look through LinkedIn profiles and ask people out for coffee and conduct informational interviews. Learn more about what they do, what challenges they face, and what they enjoy about the work that they do. You need to learn the in’s and out’s before you make a career switch. Do your homework.

    You only live life once so make it the best.

    Hope that helps.

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    First of all, build a list of career coaches available in your area. Try to rank them according to critics, comments, availability … Then, meet some of them, for a first interview, to discuss what you are looking for and how you can be helped.

    You should look for people who have a high availability, and for experimented professionals. Ask them for references on similar coaching missions. Take the time to meet several of them – as you would do for any job interview.

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    Your African career coach is useful when he or she is awake to pull you out of your present challenges to put you on the ride of your strength to achieve positive career building and growth.

    A coach is someone that knows where your expectations are and guide you through it.

    1. First, discover wether you love your career or you want a switch then you will be able to identify the right coach for you.


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