Euthanasia/mercy killing


Is Euthanasia/Mercy killing scriptural?

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    In my opinion, it is not scriptural, because there is no place in the Bible that supports killing, the Bible is against killing. It is not in the place of any one to take a life he/she cannot give.

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    Euthanasia is the practice of mercifully terminating the life of a person who is hopelessly sick or injured, so as to hasten the relief of death. Euthanasia is commonly divided into “active” and “passive” forms. What is called “passive euthanasia,” rarely objectionable to Christians, involves a refusal to use life-sustaining medical equipment to prolong a life when there is no prospect of recovery. There was no opportunity to make this decision in biblical times, since there was no life-prolonging equipment. This does not mean that Christians have no right to take a stand for or against passive euthanasia. It simply means that a purely exegetical analysis cannot dwell upon that topic.

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